John Sebes

I am: a longtime Silicon Valley resident with roots in Memphis, New England, and Hungary; techie, musician, speaker, writer; a very fortunate and grateful spouse and father.B&W

In work life, election technology has been my main focus for several years, but information security has been a recurring theme for decades. I’m the Chief Technology Officer at the TrustTheVote Project, which is an open source digital public works project. We make election technology for U.S. elections officials to use, because the for-profit sector simply can’t deliver what election officials need. I do it because I believe that the tech behind elections should have the excellence that we expect in the very best tech that enriches our public and private lives.

Most Recent Opinion Piece – Responding to a National Health Emergency: Vote-At-Home

More information: the TrustTheVote Project and the Open Source Elections Technology (OSET) Institute; my blog at TrustTheVote, news articles I’m quoted in or have contributed to, my full resume on LinkedIn, my publications and patents. Follow me on Twitter.

In personal life, I like to sing, play the trumpet, putter in the garden, watch birds, hike, play all kinds of games, coach soccer, read, write, enjoy wine, cook, and enjoy convivial gather of friends. The cooking and the singing are probably the ones that other folks appreciate most often; the trumpet, not so much, but I keep at it. Some regard me as a wee bit eccentric for my very precisely arranged collections of loose tea, Tolkien Bookshelfspice drawer, classical haiku, and many many rocks and pebbles in my Zen garden.